What is a ‘Girl Boss’? We very often hear the term… but do you really know what it takes to be one?

A GIRL BOSS is a woman in CONTROL. A woman who knows her worth. And won’t accept any less. She is not a ‘mean girl’. In-fact, she hates ‘mean girls’. She is empowering and inspiring to those around her. SHE KICKS ASS!



How To Be A Girl Bo$$ 


Rule Number 1: Think about what you’re good at… Make-up? Styling? Writing? Dancing? & most importantly MAKE SURE ITS SOMETHING THAT YOU LOVE! – That way it wont feel like ‘work’, because trust me…. There’s gonna be a whole lot of WERK! involved.


Rule Number 2: Your family & your friends will either rush to support you on your journey to becoming a girl boss, or they will tell you that you’re dreaming and that ‘It’s never going to work’. Ignore the f*ck out of them. This is not their journey, this is your journey. Do not let ANYBODY take YOUR dream away from you. The people that try and stop you from achieving your dreams, are usually the people that deep down scared that you are going to be a success. Trust me- BLOCK OUT THE HATERZ!  When I started HOT!MESS the guy I was talking to at the time told me that they looked like ‘Clowns Clothes’ and asked ‘What the f*ck are you doing?’. Ermmmm…Building an empire hun WBU?. I hope he feels silly now! 🙂


Rule Number 3: What are your distractions? Do you have a shitty boyfriend? Or maybe a Best friend that we all know really isn’t your best friend and you know yourself that she slags you off behind your back…SO GET RID HONEY! I have become AMAZING at cutting the wrong people out of my life- If you’ve read my blog posts before, you will know what a walk-over I used to be. WELL NOT ANYMORE! You cross me- I’m done. I respect myself enough as a friend to people to not let them take the piss out of me. You have to be ruthless with your time now, you don’t have the time for whatsapp drama’s and your bezzies not liking your selfies on insta (Bitch!).  I let WAYYYY to many people hold me back at the beginning of my journey and this is one thing I wish I’d learnt all that time ago. This is what will hold you back more than anything else. Shitty people. Surround yourself with the people that bring out the very best in you. Did you know that we as a person, are an average representation of the 5 people that we are closest to? My 5 are all successful, all positive, all GOAL GETTERS and most of all, all supportive of my dreams. Are yours?


Rule Number 4: Be unique. If you’re like me and a little weird, add that into what you do- make it individual to you. Individually is interesting, If you’re just the same as everybody else? What’s the point? Being the best is great, you’re number one. But being individual is greater, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE.


Rule Number 5: Stay committed and consistent in whatever it is that you’re doing. As soon as your eyes are off the prize- you’re back to square one. You’re married to your work now, at least until you’re successful. Forget getting shitfaced on a Saturday night, you need to be working on your business. What’s more important to you…. Being successful in 5 years because you’ve been committed and worked your ass off for the past 5 years- and now you’ve got a whole load of time and money to do whatever you want to do- or spending the next 5 years going into town every weekend and plodding around in your dead end job in which you are working on somebody else’s dream, and not your own? AND GUESS WHAT- You’re gonna be there for the next 5 years after that too. With no money to do what you like and no direction in life. Make smart and life altering decisions now. Prepare for your future. Outline what YOU want in YOUR life. Take control of your destiny, and don’t let anybody or anything stand in your way.



I will work for the next 4 years as HARD and as SMART as I possibly can so that after that I can enjoy my life, sipping mimosas and gliding through the water on my own.private.yacht! Then-and only then-I will relax!

I will be back with more pointers on being a ‘GIRL BOSS’ next week!

Til next time…






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