I have never wanted an ordinary life. I am not an ordinary person. Neither are you. We all choose our paths, we all have a choice- we either choose to settle, or we never settle… That’s one thing I know that I am NOT capable of. Settling. I always want more- sometimes that can drive me crazy, but on the other hand I know that my drive and determination to succeed will mean that everything that I would like in my life, one day, will be mine.


A Brief Timeline of the Past 5 Years

18 yrs- (2012)  A slob with ZERO confidence, no self belief, toxic relationships, and no purpose.

19 yrs- (2013) Founded HOT!MESS, no real idea of what was going to come of it, but huge dreams for its future.

20yrs- (2014) HOT!MESS had really taken off, business was booming and along came Jack- the absolute love of my life. Life is really good. I also bought my ‘Dream Car’ at the time which was my Landrover Defender. I used my goal board to get this car. I visualised it for a good year and a half before I got it. I made it happen.

21 yrs- (2015) HOT!MESS was soaring, and myself and Jack bought our first home.

22 yrs (2016) HOT!MESS was growing so far beyond what I ever dreamed it would be and at the end of this year Jack and I were in the process of buying our second home. Our dream ‘family’ home in the country!

23 yrs (2017) January– Jack and I move into our second home together! It’s all we could ever have dreamed of!

February to April -Still a part of HOT!MESS, although the winds are changing for me. Big changes to the business are happening with new investors. A lot of thought and discussion over these next few months as to where I fit in with their new plans for the business going forward.

June/July- I decide to leave HOT!MESS and embark on a new business venture- the biggest and best risk I have ever taken.

August– After only 2 full months in my new business, I feel like a brand new person. I have this new found freedom that I have never felt before- emotionally and financially. I go and buy a new car to celebrate! My younger sister, after seeing what myself and Sacha (my oldest sister) are achieving, decides to join the business- I’m so happy!!!!! We are the dream team!

September- Life has completely changed for me, my new business has seen me grow recognisably as a person. Everybody can notice it now, everyday I feel elated and excited to wake up and work!

October- My business takes new heights, I travel to America for ‘work’ and am able to pay for my dad to come too- after the trip he decides then to ALSO join the business- and is in the process of leaving his traditional business to join my sisters and I in this new business venture. Its a full blown family affair! I am so excited for our futures as a family!

( Now you’re kind of up to date with whats been going on with me)



So now… the exciting bit! I’m putting all of my GOALS out in the open…. So in 5 years time we can all come back and check that I’ve accomplished them! Accountability for your goals is vital to achieving them!



I have always had a ‘Goal Board’. A place to stick pictures of all of the things that I would like in my life; Dream houses, Handbags, Cars, Holiday Homes, etc and so forth. This is very easy to do- I would advise EVERYBODY to go and do this. Go grab yourself a pinboard from WHSmith’s and some drawing pins- and Voila! There ya go!

Browse the internet for your dream house, your dream car or even your dream MAN- And stick him up there on your goal board so you can kiss him goodnight. Prince charming will find his way to you, trust me. Believe in manifesting what you want in your life. The key in all of this is visualisation. If you outline your goals and know TRULY what you want- you’ll work towards it. If you don’t know what you want then you will just get by with what you have already and never really push boundaries in order to achieve your true potential.

My goals can change from day to day- or even just the order in which I would like to achieve certain things. Its important to prioritise what you should push to achieve first. I would never get the handbag before the home if you get my drift. My dream board is up in my office, my dream house to purchase in the future in California is set as my desktop on my computer. I want to be seeing these things everyday so that I can remember WHY I am working so hard. Some days I just want to be lazy, and then I remember what I want, and I move. Take tonight to have a real think about where you would like to be in 5-10 years time and work out a plan of how you’re going to make it happen. You can do ANYTHING If you put your mind to it.

I thought I would share with you guys MY personal goals. These goals exclude any health and happiness goals I have which are obviously the most important. These goals that I have are purely materialistic- and why not?! I am going to work for them.


2018- Build on my UK business & travel the world whilst doing so. I especially would like to travel to LA (where I will eventually live for 6 months of the year) and get a feel for what neighbourhood we would like our second home to be in so we can start planning for the future. I want to live the American dream- But I am also very much a home bird and would still like to live half of my year in the UK.

2018’s plans so far:

February– I’m taking Jack to Cancun for his 30th Birthday celebrations! – Spring Break Babyyyy!!

April– The company that i am partnered with are sending me and Jack on an all expenses paid skiing holiday to UTAH, to reward me for hitting a milestone in my business! SO excited for this!

April– Myself, my business partners and Jack are heading to Marbella for our yearly success summit! We’ll spend an extra couple of days here so we can enjoy the sun with the family too!

Where will we live in LA?


2019– This year will be all about growing in my business- building deep foundations and security for mine and Jacks future. This will also be the year of saving lots of money for our American Dream. I’m hoping by the end of this year we will have decided where exactly in LA we want to be. The great thing about this 6 month adventure is that my whole family can join us for as long as they want- as we all work with the same business- it will actually be amazing for us all to be able to build our business’s out there! There’s absolutely no chance I will get to ‘miss’ my family, they’ll probably be with us most of the time. We will also need to make sure the doggies can come over to LA with us as otherwise I definitely would not be going!!! 6 months without my fur babies? No chance! It actually makes me want to cry right now just thinking about it. If we cant get my car over here then maybe we will rent a convertible jeep- that would be cute!

2020– The year of the American dream, in June 2020 I would like to go and live in America for 6 months of the year. I am going in with HUGE goals that I will be able to afford a large condo overlooking the beach in one of the hottest neighbourhoods in California. I have the idea of doing this every year (June til December), and eventually buying a house out there when we can afford to. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to live in America, growing up watching American TV everything always seemed much bigger and better! As I’ve grown older, I do appreciate ‘home’ more- but I’ve always loved the idea of life in the sunshine, by the beach.

I know I’m not a city girl, before Jack and I bought our second home we went and lived in London for four weeks. We wanted to make sure before we bought our new house in the country, that we weren’t missing out on living in a built up city. We rented an apartment in Shoreditch. We could NEVER live there. We really didn’t like it. The restaurant options were amazing don’t get me wrong but it was SO busy all the time, and dirty and stressful. I think the timing is perfect for me and Jack to make plans to go and do this over the next couple of years as we still aren’t ready to make the commitment to start a family. We really can’t wait to have babies but we have SO much we want to achieve before we do so. We want to see the world too. It will be really nice in the future to have our children experience their young memories by the beach and in the American sunshine before they start school in the UK. This year will be such a big deal for me, being able to have the freedom to get up and move to America for 6 months whilst still maintaining our house back home will be a huge achievement for us. I have some pretty huge plans for building my business out there. And I cannot wait.

2021- ( How do I top the above? ) … To be continued…

I will continue to write more of what I would like after this when it comes to me but, right now, MY life has completely changed over the last few months. So I’m very much still in the thought process right now! Of course I have the handbags and shoes and everything I would like in between. But the above are my MAJOR LIFE CHANGING goals.

Until next time guys,

Tayla xx


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