As we’re all beginning to dive into huge end of year celebrations, Like Christmas and New Year (and gaining a few chins whilst doing so). I just want to take a minute to really think about what a year this has been for me. 2017 has taught me that EVERYTHING really can change in the blink of an eye. Isn’t it funny how our worlds can just turn like that? Change happens whether we like it or not. It is then up to us to put everything into perspective and really take on that change with great force. The greatest changes for me have happened this year, I am TRULY so grateful for every opportunity that has come my way and changed my whole life forever.

This year myself and Jack moved to our dream family home in the countryside- which is soooo beautiful. I am forever grateful waking up to a beautiful view of the cows across the field, and endless greenery- and in such a safe neighbourhood. I feel really blessed to live where we do. We went Skiing at the beginning of the year with both of our families, which was incredible. We always want to make sure we are making amazing memories with our families because you just never really know what is around the corner. We’re both very blessed to have such lovely families who are both truly so supportive of what we do. You just cant put a price on family!

This year I waved goodbye to my clothing business of 4 and a half years and made the biggest and best decision I have ever made- to start something completely fresh. Which has offered me more financial freedom than I could ever even dream of- But has also allowed me to work on my OWN TERMS, STILL BEING MY OWN BO$$- But with no stress, and from the comfort of my own home. How amazing is that? I’ve been able to really treat my friends and family since starting my new business which I have LOVED! I’ve always loved buying presents for people- so birthdays and special occasions have been EXTRA special this year. It has also enabled me to be able to really start kitting our house out. Our house is a 3 storey, 5 bedroom house so its pretty spacious! But very expensive to fill! I love interior shopping- It will be amazing when it all starts to come together. Our kitchen is almost done now which is looking really lovely! We’re both so happy with it

This business has also enabled allowed me to book a 5 star holiday to Cancun for Jacks 30th next year (I am SO excited to treat him!!!) Jack and I are going to be doing a LOT of travelling next year. We have plans made for Skiing trips to America, Marbella, LA (to look for the holiday home we would like to rent out In 2020) Hopefully Dubai again, but most importantly my sisters and I ( Who also work in the same business as I do) are taking our whole family on a trip to the Bahamas for Christmas 2018. Which will be INSANE, and very rewarding.

Along with the financial freedom that I have always dreamed of, I have developed as a person more than anything. I have learnt that being a little bit crazy is good. I don’t like taking myself to seriously- It’s not who I am- And now that I am in a business in which I am permanently expressing myself- I really have got my personality juices flowing. I like being a bit crazy- and I like showing that side of me. A few months ago I would have said NO to ringing for a Chinese takeaway- and made Jack order. I would have come up with every excuse in the world to not have to meet somebody I didn’t already know- let along engage in conversation. I am a whole new woman- I am really proud and super grateful that the universe has thrown me into a certain kind of situation that led me to this WHOLE NEW WORLD!



Thankyou to my family that supported me all the way through what we thought was going to be a tough year. Thankyou to Jack for just always being the best human being in the world- and thankyou everybody who has supported me on my journey, or joined me in this new venture.

2017 was seriously, crazily, unexpectedly the best year of my life so far…

And I know 2018 is going to be even better. 18 is my lucky number too! So let’s see what happens!

To everybody out there reading this, Reach for the stars in all that you do-and never fear change.

Have a beautiful Christmas with your families & loved ones, Spare a thought for those who are not fortunate enough to do the same…

And have an incredible and prosperous NEW YEAR!

See you in 2018 BABY!


Until next year, Yours Truly xx

‘You are the creator of your own destiny. The decisions that you take or the choices you make and the actions that you do, result in making you who you are. The consequential joy, pain, happiness or sorrow too is a result of your choices. So if you are unhappy with your life it is up to you to make the necessary corrections and live the way you want to’.


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