I know I’m late to the party but… H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! SO incredibly excited for 2018. It’s going to be the BEST! 18 is my lucky number- It’s going to be an amazing year!!!

So… I’m sure we’ve all made New Years resolutions that we’ve already broken. Or committed ourselves to dry January- and already had a few G&T’s! BUT. We don’t need a fresh year or a fresh month to make changes, we can make changes whenever we choose to. Pretty cool huh? If you want something enough, you will make it happen. Which is what I am going to do this year. 

Every year I swear I’m gonna get fit, that I am going to stop being lazy with my food and change my dietary habits and all of that bullshit. Do I ever follow through with it? Yeah… for a couple of weeks or a couple of months and then I go right back to the beginning. Its SO frustrating. I am the most determined person in the world when it comes to my career and what I want in my life but the one thing I want more than ANYTHING ( A mother f*cking hot f*cking body) I just never seem to get?!

I’m sure some of you sat here may be thinking- your body looks fine on Instagram… Yeah- OF COURSE IT DOES! Who’s body doesn’t look hot on Instagram? (FACETUNE BABY)- If you don’t know what ‘facetune’ is… Head to your app store immediately!!! I am SO hung up on my body, I always have been. My mum and my sisters are and always have been VERY petite. I am built more like my dad, and for some reason- I got his eating habits too! (sorry Dad if you’re reading this, but you do over indulge!!!!) I am that kid that ate the contents of their lunchbox before we even had playtime. I was always sneakily hiding my ham sandwiches (back when I wasn’t a vegetarian) up my sleeve in the clingfilm my mum had wrapped them in and taking secret bites when nobody was looking. I JUST LOVE FOOD!!!!

Anyway- When it comes to food AND exercise I am ALL or NOTHING. And nearly 90% of the year ‘NOTHING’ to be completely honest. I over eat completely, all I think about is what I’m eating next… and even when I’ve eaten I can eat AGAIN, and again…. and again. Its like a hobby of mine. LOL! And as for exercise…I hate it. I get sooo0 bored! The feeling after is SOOO amazing though! I literally feel on top of the world after a work out, and then start looking in the mirror straight after for abs or changes to my body. (Hands over eyes face).

So this year, I am putting it out to the universe and to my blog readers that I AM GOING TO MAKE A CHANGE! I am going to trade boozy weekends for healthy ones, I am going to stop buying my favourite treats and pretending in my own head that they’re for Jack (and that I’m not gonna eat them… We all know I am). I’m going to learn HOW to be a healthy vegetarian/Pes, Since going veggie in April- All I have done is eat carbs. I am what they call a ‘pescatarian’ as I do eat tuna now and then, but I don’t really like fish. So more than often I result to potatoes, rice, pasta, breaded quorn. I’ve gained SOOO much weight being a Pescatarian. I’m just not clued up on what I can really eat that isn’t carbs! So… I am going to educate myself on that.

As well as that I am going to actually make use of my home gym. We turned our double garage into a fully equipped gym and still I cant ‘find the time’ or ‘find the energy’ to go. Well that’s about to CHANGE!!!!! I am determined to make the change in my life that I need, that I want and that I deserve.

Recently I have also been getting in touch with my spiritual side. I have always been a very spiritual person and I’ve been to see psychics since I was a young girl- and always got such a kick out of them! I’ve been listening to an audio book called ‘Raise your Vibrations‘ that has really taught me SOO much that I didn’t know. The one thing I have really took away from the book is to just never let negative thoughts enter your head! Now as soon as I start thinking something negative I automatically shut it down and begin thinking about something positive. ‘You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind’. I feel like this way of thinking (which I always thought I was doing, but we don’t even really realise how negative our minds can be- often without even knowing) has changed my life already! I am onto my second audible book for this kind of universal thinking now. One is called ‘The Universe Has Your Back‘ and this is also AMAZING! I strongly recommend these two books for improving your general life and happiness!!! I know a lot of people think that when you go ‘spiritual’ and start with these self development books that you’re ‘lost and seeking help’ which is completely untrue- in my case anyway. I am just wanting to live MY BEST LIFE POSSIBLE! Someone said to me this week ‘People think when you get into all this spiritual malarkey that you’ve lost your marbles… When ACTUALLY- you’ve found them. (I LOVE THAT!).

I also had a psychic reading this week over the phone! The lady was AMAZING and I felt that the reading really, really motivated me!

If you would like to get in touch with her, please DM ME and I will send you her details.

Speak soon! Lots of love always,

Tayla-Blue xxx


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